Shutdown Tool to shutdown Raspberry Pi remotely.
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Shutdown Tool

For some of my Raspberry Pis


This is a simple and easy to use tool which listens on a port and shows up a page which can be used to shutdown the system.

Following is the screen that you see when you open the URL. Image 1

Also with a friendly message when shutdown happens. Image 1


Grab the latest release from here based on the architecture and operating system and the sha256sums.txt

Verify Release

By verifying sha256sums.txt which will be signed by the key ID "DBB4CCE6982EAEA264145940CB92EA9074F31320".

$ gpg --verify sha256sums.txt
gpg: Signature made Sat May 23 12:21:09 2020 IST
gpg:                using RSA key DBB4CCE6982EAEA264145940CB92EA9074F31320
gpg:                issuer ""

Now verify the tarball.

$ sha256sum --check sha256sums.txt
shutdown-tool-v1.1.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz: OK
shutdown-tool-v1.1.0-linux-arm.tar.gz: OK
shutdown-tool-v1.1.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz: OK

Based on the file downloaded the output may vary.


We will now extract and install the tool.

tar -xf shutdown-tool-v1.1.0-linux-arm.tar.gz
sudo ./

Now check your http://:8001 which will show the page.

Next Steps

  • Add some credentials
  • Add consolidated ability to shutdown and list multiple instances