Alternate Binary Installer
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Alternate binary installer.

Scope - Client

Command line interface be capable of:

  • Add package repositories
  • Remove package repositories
  • Install package
  • Uninstall package
  • Update repository
  • Upgrade packages

Scope - Server

Server should be responsible for

  • Generating structured repository configurations and metadata
  • Metadata should contain all the details like packages, it's versions, location to download, how to install, etc.

Scope - Protocol


  • Repository
  • Package
  • ArchiveMetadata

Archive Types

  • Archive types can be
    • tar.gz
    • zip
  • This package type will uncompress and unarchive the package after downloading to a temporary directory.
  • once extracted the matching file name should be kept to the desired binary-path location.


  • Archive should have the file inside it with the name specified in the Package.


  • Default action is copy to binary folder
  • Other actions could be something like adding systemd file or launchd file to a particular location to start/enable the service