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Docker image for go-carbon + carbonapi + grafana

Quick Start

docker run -d\
 --name go-graphite\
 -p 80:80\
 -p 2003-2004:2003-2004\

Includes the following components

  • Nginx - reverse proxies Grafana dashboard
  • Grafana - front-end dashboard
  • Go-carbon - Golang implementation of Graphite/Carbon server
  • Carbonapi - Golang implementation of Graphite-web

Mapped Ports

Host Container Service
80 80 grafana
2003 2003 carbon receiver - plaintext
2004 2004 carbon receiver - pickle

Mounted Volumes

Host Container Notes
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/go-carbon go-carbon configs (see )
DOCKER ASSIGNED /var/lib/graphite graphite file storage
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/nginx nginx config
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/grafana Grafana config
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/carbonapi Carbonapi config
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/logrotate.d logrotate config
DOCKER ASSIGNED /var/log log files